Collection of videos, aired in famous tv shows, that describe how Fonderia Marinelli was born, its history and the art behind their works.

Community – Puntata 81 – minute 37.00

Community – programma televisivo della Rai. Marinell brothers talk about the Foundry (minute 37:00) Source: Rai Community 

Time of fusion

Some images of the casting, one of the most exciting and sacred moments of the foundry’s activity

Geo&Geo Agnone – Fonderia Marinelli

The story of the Marinelli Foundry in the Geo and Geo program, RaiTre

The Rotary Foundation Centennial Bell – Atlanta

Presentation ceremony of the bell made for the Rotary Foundation, in Atlanta (USA)

The Marinelli Pontifical Foundry of Agnone

Alberto Angela Passaggio a nord ovest – Deepening the Pontifical Foundry Marinelli (Agnone)

RTFB Special – Belgium

An in-depth study dedicated to the foundry, broadcast by the Radio-Télévision Belge de la Communauté Française (RTBF).

Kilimanjaro Rai – episode of February 17, 2019

Special of the Rai program dedicated to the foundry.