Collection of videos, aired in famous tv shows, that describe how Fonderia Marinelli was born, its history and the art behind their works.

Community – Puntata 81 – minute 37.00

Community – programma televisivo della Rai. Marinell brothers talk about the Foundry (minute 37:00) Source: Rai Community 

Time of fusion

Some images of the casting, one of the most exciting and sacred moments of the foundry’s activity

Geo&Geo Agnone – Fonderia Marinelli

The story of the Marinelli Foundry in the Geo and Geo program, RaiTre

The Rotary Foundation Centennial Bell – Atlanta

Presentation ceremony of the bell made for the Rotary Foundation, in Atlanta (USA)

The Marinelli Pontifical Foundry of Agnone

Alberto Angela Passaggio a nord ovest – Deepening the Pontifical Foundry Marinelli (Agnone)

RTFB Special – Belgium

An in-depth study dedicated to the foundry, broadcast by the Radio-Télévision Belge de la Communauté Française (RTBF).

Kilimanjaro Rai – episode of February 17, 2019

Special of the Rai program dedicated to the foundry.

Keeping the ancient craft of bell making alive and ringing in Italy

Report produced by CBC, Canadian television

In-depth analysis of the GEO transmission in the company

The spirit of a bell, its soul, the history of our company, the friendship with the Popes and the sacrifices of the old founders.
Thanks to Geo for this beautiful insight.