Counseling and Restoration

The experience, competence and the high specialization that distinguishes the Marinelli made them leading experts not only with regard to bell art, but also with regard to the architecture of the tower. Collaborations with architects and designers of international fame are not uncommon; the design of a new bell tower, as well as a recovery work, require the simultaneous efforts of expert in many fields.

Wooden accessories

Wooden strain bells

Strain WoodenThe bells are tied to their support structure (bell towers or other suspension systems) through strains systems. On new installations, strains allow the mechanical movement of the bells since the use of strings is almost entirely relegated to folklore or concert events. The strain may have different characteristics and shape depending on the use, the traditions and the type of sound you want to get from the bells.

Wooden Tower

Wooden Tower of bell Marinelli
Wooden Tower of bell Marinelli
Wooden Tower

Iron Accessories

Iron strain bells

Iron strain bellsMarinelli Foundry is able to realize iron stains suitable for any particular need,  taking care of both technical efficiency and aesthetical results, for a perfect integration in the architectural context.

Iron Tower

Iron Tower of bell Marinelli When the Bell Tower is erected on the reinforced concrete structure of the Church becomes necessary to provide special attention to both the acoustic and the structural point of view.

The metal supportive structure has to be able to optimally distribute the stresses generated by the motion of bells on the anchor points, but also it need to guarantee an appropriate structural rigidity that reduce the deformation of the strains ensuring longer maintenance intervals and avoiding potential breakages of these supports.

Acoustic problems can arise both from the structure of the building, which serves as a huge sound box, and from the identity of the materials used for the construction, reinforced concrete, for example, is known to be one of the best sound conductors among the architectural materials. To minimize these distortions it is necessary to have  a “pure” sound at the source but mostly it is necessary to isolate the metal structure from the concrete structure.

Electrical Installation

Electric panel of the bellThe Fonderia Marinelli installs systems for the electrification of the new-generation bells. This electronic system allow the users to handle, through a digital display and a simple and guided program,  up to 88 bells control outputs, as well as control tower clocks, lighting and memorization of up to 1000 music files.

Small Bells

Small bell MarinelliFollowing the same procedure used for make large bells, Campane Marinelli realize small and highly refined object both in bronze or silver. In the Museum Shop you can view and buy these small works of art. 

Customized Small Bells

Customized Small BellsCampane Marinelli can make personalized bells, the customer can choose the size (from 8 to 20 cm)  and any logo, image or dedication that he or she wants impressed on his or her personal bell. Customized bells bearing logos of clubs or association are often used as rewards in important events. The production of customized bells can take up to three month, we recommend to plan accordingly.